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Garwulf's Corner is RETURNING - New installments start next week on The Escapist!

So, here's some exciting news - Garwulf's Corner, one of the first, if not THE first, video games issues columns ever to appear on the Internet is returning!  Starting next week, after a 13 year hiatus, there will be brand new installments every two weeks on The Escapist.


So, a little FAQ, for those who haven't heard about my little column...

Q:    So, who are you, anyway?

A:    I’m Robert B. Marks, an author, editor, researcher and publisher from Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  Back in 2000, I wrote an e-book called Diablo: Demonsbane for Pocket Books, launching the entire Blizzard fiction line.  Then, I wrote the original Garwulf’s Corner for between 2000-2002, and in 2002-2003 I wrote The EverQuest Companion for Osborne/McGraw-Hill.  I’m also the co-author of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Agora.  My current project (besides this one) is The Eternity Quartet, with Ed Greenwood – we’re telling the story of a world from one ice age to the next in snapshots, and having a blast doing it.

Q:    And what is Garwulf’s Corner?

A:    Originally, Garwulf’s Corner was one of the first, if not THE first, computer games issues columns on the Internet.  It ran for 52 installments, and tended to cover computer games, movies, books, and anything else that caught my fancy.  Today, Garwulf’s Corner is the older, wiser version of that column.  It won’t be quite so heavy in covering video games, but just about anything interesting in pop culture, or interesting in general, is fair game.

Q:    Is there anywhere I can find the old installments?

A:    Indeed there is!  You can find some of them online at, and also on my Livejournal here.  But, if you really want to support the author (aka me), the collected columns, with new introductions and some material that never made it online, is available in print and on Kindle from

Q:    In the old column, you used to have feedback installments where you went through your reader mail.  Are you doing that again?

A:    Absolutely!  Every seventh installment is going to be another Emails from the Edge, starting with “Emails from the Edge Redux.”  Regardless of if you agree or disagree with me, if you have something interesting to say about a subject I cover, I want to hear from you – and if it’s good enough, I’ll put it into one of the feedback installments.

Q:    So you will be receiving and reading your reader emails.

A:    Every single one of them that I can, yes.  Once the columns go up, you can email me at garwulf at

Q:    And what are your politics?

A:    Well, in Canadian terms, I’m either a centrist with the occasional rightward leaning, or centre-right winger with a lot of leanings to the dead centre or just left of it.  I seem to shift between the two on a regular basis.  If I was to belong to a political party, I’d be a Liberal (which is a centrist political party up here that isn’t actually – if you haven’t already figured this out, Canadian politics can be weird).  In American terms, I have no idea what that amounts to...I have a funny feeling that it might mean “utter socialist,” but your mileage may vary.

Q:    And what is the flight speed of an unladen swallow?

A:    African or European?

Q:    African.

A:    Um...
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